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Are You a Cucumber or a Peeled Banana?

A man’s ability to stand at attention can be a better predictor of future health than risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure or diabetes. There is a very simple way any man can instantly size up the shape of his cardiovascular system. The simple test is to answer one question: How easy is it for you to develop and maintain an erection?

Cardiologist Joel Kahn, a proponent of the erection/heart health theory, points out the following epidemiological’s data:

“…If you live in Olmstead County, Minnesota…and are a man between the ages of 40 and 49 without known heart disease but with ED, you have a 50-fold higher incidence of eventually having new heart events compared to men the same age without ED”

So how do we define a strong erection?

Singapore’s Society for Men’s Health uses a four point scale to allow men to rate their own hardness; Cucumber, Unpeeled Banana, Peeled Banana and Tofu. If you’re a cucumber more than likely you’re heart and cardiovascular system is very healthy. If you’re an unpeeled banana you’re probably still OK. If you’re getting any mushier you should probably take stock.

Several lifestyle choices such as exercise, sleep and nutrition can be a factor. A little hard work and diligence can restore cardiovascular health and where the heart goes, so does the penis.

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