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Benefits of Taking Cold Showers for Men

I’ve been reading about the benefits of taking a cold shower. I really love hot showers but it’s got me thinking I might want to give this a try. Following are a number of benefits that have been attributed to a daily cold shower ritual:

You will be happier

Cold showers a sure-fire way to get an instant mood boost due to the release of endorphins and


You will be healthier

Some studies have found that daily cold showers strengthen the immune system.

You will be mentally stronger

You have to start slowly with this. Try showering normally and then turn on the cold for the last 10 seconds. You can gradually work your way up to a longer stretch. Once you adapt you’ll find that you won’t have to force yourself to do something that you know is UNPLEASANT.

Your mind will be clear and your creativity will spike

You’ll just have to try it and see for yourself

It’s great for hormones

Studies show that cold showers increase testosterone levels.

Burns calories

Cold showers spike metabolism by forcing your body to regulate temperature which will cause you to burn a few more calories.

One word of caution

If you have high blood pressure-low temperatures can constrict blood vessels leading to a rise in blood pressure. If you have health issues you want to be cautious.

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