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Police Officers and Back Pain: An Occupational Hazard

According to the National Institutes of Health, 62 percent of police officers suffer from lower back pain. Of those 62 percent, only 8 percent had back pain before beginning their career in law enforcement. What are the reasons?

* Sitting for long periods of time - Police officers spend a lot of time sitting in their cruisers- hours sometimes. Police cruisers may look comfy but they are not designed for sitting long periods of time. This places a lot of strain on the lower back.

* Standing for long periods of time - Part of a police officer’s job is endurance, such as standing or running for long periods. Standing for long periods can lead to fatigue which can have an impact on the back.

* Late nights - A police officer has to work all kinds of hours. Working odd hours and not getting adequate sleep can have a big impact.

* Duty Belts - Those large belts that police officer’s wear combined with body armor for protection combine to put a lot of stress on the back.


One of the officers we have worked with has dealt with back issues for years. He has been on our therapy for 6 months and his back issues have disappeared. He has never had a treatment that has given him relief to this long of a period of time. He knows other officers that have had to resort to cortisone shots and pain medication.

Schedule your visit with us, and we will help you find a solution to help you get back to the old you.

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