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Study: Most Men with Erectile Dysfunction Don't Get Treatment

There were some interesting findings in a study a number of years back conducted on men that were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. From insurance records the researchers found that over a 12-month period of time 6.2 million men were diagnosed with ED. Out of that group only 25.4 percent of the men actually had their prescriptions filled.

With many effective treatments available to treat erectile dysfunction it is unclear why there is such a large disconnect. There are several possible reasons.

Cost could be an issue. At Men’s Health Solutions we commonly hear of men that have paid upwards of $50 per pill to fill a prescription at a Retail Pharmacy.

Embarrassment related to going to the pharmacy and actually having to have a prescription filled.

Some Men don’t view it as a Big Deal. Erectile Dysfunction is not a black and white issue, it’s more of a continuum. Some men may feel they perform “OK” and don’t need to use a pill. This is a view that may or may not be shared by their partner. Honest communication between partners is certainly important.

At Men’s Health Solutions we try to make the process of getting treatment as simple and cost effective as possible. Depending on the situation, treatment may be something that a man only needs to do for a period of time. We can often make recommendations to a patient to reverse the course of his issue. Our focus is on the overall health of the individual.


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