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Testosterone and Weight Loss: Does Low Testosterone Affect Losing Weight

At Men’s Health Solutions, testosterone and weight loss (namely fat loss) are a constant hot topic with our patients, but is there a correlation between the two? Does body fat lead to low testosterone? Do testosterone levels have an effect on weight gain?


There is a direct relationship between testosterone levels and weight loss. Low testosterone can lead to a loss of lean muscle mass, increase in fat, and a decrease in overall health markers.

Testosterone Effections on Men and Women

It may come as a surprise, but both men and women must have adequate testosterone levels to ensure their bodies are in good health and don’t become overweight.

With low testosterone levels, it becomes much easier to gain weight. Women naturally gain weight easier than men, but low testosterone might increase estrogen levels, making weight gain and body fat even worse. A balance in testosterone is a crucial component to your weight loss journey.

The effects of low testosterone in men might be more noticeable than in women. Too many men think testosterone is just about the gains in the gym, but it’s important to know where your testosterone is at (get your levels checked for $39) because low levels could hinder other biomarkers:

  • Increase body fat

  • Reduce muscle mass

  • Hair loss

  • Increased fatigue

  • Low sex drive

Not all hope is lost, as there are natural ways we can help our bodies get back to equilibrium. Much of it stems from a healthy lifestyle, but continue through the article to read a few lifestyle changes that can improve your testosterone levels.

So What Can We Do?

We are here to help you get back to the old you. We offer testosterone replacement therapy to men all across Indianapolis, but before we jump straight to hormone replacement, there are some lifestyle choices you can make which may help keep both testosterone and weight in check:

  • Regular weight training - muscle building signals will help keep weight down and testosterone in healthy ranges.

  • Proper nutrition - eating as much whole (non-processed) foods and adequate water intake will fuel the body with the nutrients it needs and can maintain regular hormone levels.

  • Quality sleep - last, but certainly not least. Everyone needs to prioritize sleep, but poor sleep alone can affect weight and hormone levels. Sleeping enough every night (7-8 hours) is one of the best things you can do for your body.

For more tips on fixing low-t, check out our free eBook here.

There are many, many studies linking the relationship between testosterone and weight loss, but the bottom line is this:

Weight gain drives testosterone down, and low testosterone will increase fat and reduce muscle.

Fortunately, there are many ways to help improve both to ensure that you are as healthy as you can be for yourself and loved ones.

Are you ready to commit to losing weight and feeling better? Our medically guided men’s weight loss protocol uses cutting edge treatments to help you create lasting weight loss results in a shorter amount of time.

We are Indy’s Highest Rated Men’s Health clinic because we go the extra mile with every single patient to find the right plan and treatments. Schedule a visit with us and let us help you get back to the old you.


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