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What Determines Penis Size? A quick test..

Every guy wants to be bigger, longer and fuller than any guy standing next to him. No dude wants to feel like he is less than desirable because the size of his penis doesn’t match up to other guys before him. Marketers are aware of this fear and have developed pills, tools and exercises to increase penis size.

Why are some men hung like porn stars and other men not quite. At a basic level, genetics are a big factor. Size is to a great degree is inherited. There are also some very interesting studies that delve into environmental factors that can have an impact.

Endocrine Disrupters

Endocrine disrupters can determinantely affect the size of the male penis in the womb. In certain doses these disrupters can dramatically transform the growth and health of an egg to a fully formed infant. Cleaning products, poisons and chemicals all contain these chemicals and when a mother is exposed to them she can actually decrease the size of her son’s penis along with other harmful effects to his body.

Korean Finger Length Study

In a separate study, Korean researcher and Dr. Tae Beom Kim compared the length of the index fingers with the ring fingers to penis size. As it turns out, the shorter your index finger the better. The study determined that finger size is effected by the level of testosterone received by the fetus inside the mothers womb. The greater the amount of testosterone, the larger the penis will become. It’s also important to note that the timing of the hormone exposure is important. Masculinization occurs in a very specific window of time during the early development of the fetus.

The most important thing for any man to remember is this is almost entirely out of his control and any undue worry is unnessary. It’s interesting only from the perspective of understanding that there are a combination of Environmental and Genetic factors, which is true for all of our physical attributes.

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