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Why Are More Men Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction Before Age 40?

Many of us, that are a little older, remember when Viagra first came out and Bob Dole was the spokesman. When we think of ads for Erectile Dysfunction medications we tend to think of older couples holding hands, walking off into the sunset. It is becoming increasingly more common to see ads that are focused on younger millennial’s. This can only mean one thing, there’s a market out there for younger men that are experiencing erectile dysfunction. At Men’s Health Solutions this is something we’ve always known. We know that Erectile Dysfunction doesn’t discriminate, it can hit men of all ages. What are the reason?

When men over 50 experience Erectile Dysfunction it tends to be for physiological reasons. The normal causes of Erectile Dysfunction are high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and poor lifestyle choices. When younger men are experiencing erectile dysfunction it tends more than likely to be psychological or performance anxiety. Or, more simply put, the occasional episode of ED with a new partner gets into the young man’s head and erectile dysfunction becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. It doesn’t help that in the “hook-up” culture many times partners haven’t had a chance to become comfortable with each-other. Young men will often feel nervous about their ability to perform.

Whether ED among younger men has been under-reported in the past, whether men are now more open about issues than they were before is inconsequential. Men need to remember that regardless of the cause there is help and men don’t need to be embarrassed.

Men’s Health Solutions works with men of all ages to become the best they can be.


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